Self employed/ Individuals

Most people pay their income tax as a deduction from their salary under the PAYE scheme operated by their employer.  However, HM Revenue & Customs issue Self Assessment tax returns to people with more complicated tax affairs or if they fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • Receiving income from self-employment
  • Company director
  • Receiving foreign income
  • Receiving rental income
  • Have made a capital gain
  • Receiving income on which tax was not deducted at source

Submitting a tax return can be overwhelming as an individual. There are deadlines for submission and penalties if these deadlines are missed. Paper returns must be submitted by 31 October following the tax year end (5th April) and for online filing, the deadline is 31 January following the tax year end (5th April). The initial penalty for missing a deadline is £100 and rising over time.

How we can help

Save yourself the time and stress involved in filling in forms, give us your tax returns to complete for you.  We will:

  • Complete your tax return on time ensuring you have no late filing penalties
  • Check your PAYE tax coding to ensure you are not being deducted too much tax
  • Calculate your tax liability
  • Inform you of the amount due
  • Remind you when the payment is due and inform you how to pay
  • Telephone and e-mail support for any taxation query

If you would like a complimentary meeting to find out how we can assist you, contact us.  We will be happy to advise and provide you a great value competitive price.